Recent Finds  2
The gold on the left of the scale was found drywashing when I camped 4 days at the Lucky Nugget back in
May.  Weight = 6.75 Grams.

The smaller pile on the right was the total found when I camped at the Lucky Nugget for 10 days in November.  
Weight = 1.7 Grams.

Total weight for 14 days of camping 7.82 Grams.  Guess from now on I'll only camp 4 days.  

                                               Jim W.
Tom K has been at it again, this time from the Lucky Nugget
Midge has been busy in the Old Dale and New Dale mining areas
Rattlesnake Canyon

Susan, Doug, Janet & Greg

Near Charlie's Cabin
Eddie B also found color at Charlie's
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Midge just doesn't slow down.  The nuggets are from Rattlesnake
Canyon and the nice gold and quartz is from Big Bear
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Eddie going through the tailing piles
at  Humbug
The gold in the picture M was found with my Minelab GPX4000 that I purchased
from Prospectors Depot  JohnM
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14 grain nugget, .9 grams, found at the Humbug First Class Claim
on 17 Dec 2012 by Greg Herring and his sister Sonya.
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Here are a couple of pictures of nuggets Susan and I found in the past month at the
Red Cabin Claim.

A 4.5 gram nugget and 13 others weighing 1.5 grams total.

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