Recent Finds
Greg has been busy.
Picture of our gold (me and my Dad) from Rattlesnake Canyon on Thursday, 8 Oct 2010. The small nugget between the
large one and the nickel was also found with the White's GMT.  It is less than 1/10 grain, smallest I have ever found with
a detector. The large one is  1 Gram .Of course the points and flakes to the left were from drywashing. All 11 nuggets
were found within three feet of each other.
The coins in the picture were found on the 9th of Oct.  Greg H and I had gone out toward the Brooklyn Mine and
found a Depression Era mining camp.  There were 5 Buffalo Nickels dated 1916s, 1917d, 1919s, 1928s and one
date unreadable. Two Dimes, a Barber dated 1903 and Mercury dated 1916.  One Penny dated 1919.  All were
found within 2 feet of each other.  46 cents was a pretty big lose for a miner from that time period.

Jim W
Ned's been busy at the Humbug Claim.  Nice couple of grams in quartz.
Tom K
Stan L. (new member) found this whopper (2 1/2 Oz) the last day of my class (March 31st 07) while
searching through the classified pile of waste rock with his metal detector.
Eddie B has been busy again.

Here are the nuggets I found up in the Mother lode
county this last week while on vacation at the
Roaring Camp.
Click on picture for larger view