We as members of the First Class Miners stress safety above all else. The environment we prospect and mine in
can be deadly if not respected. Your knowledge of the dangers and what to do to be prepared will save your life.
One way in which we try to make everyone’s prospecting experience safer is by having a Call & Safety Officer.  
Whenever a member is going out and has no one to inform of their location and time they plan to return, and/or isn’
t taking friends along to help in case of an emergency, the member can call the Call & Safety Officer before
leaving.  We tell the Officer where we are going, when we expect to return and who will be with us. And upon our
return from prospecting/mining we will call in to let the club know we are back home safe. If the Officer does not
receive that call then he/she assumes we are in trouble and the officer forms a search and rescue party to come to
our aide. The Call & Safety Officer phone number is on the front of the newsletters and also on a business card
handed out as part of the welcome aboard package. As a matter of fact we give you two cards, one to carry and
one to leave home with a loved one. The loved one now has the numbers to call for help on those times you may
not use the Call & Safety Officer yourself and you not back on time.

Be safe; let someone know where you are going and how long you intend to be out.
FCM Safety