Membership in the First Class Miners (FCM) is open to anyone who has an interest in mining whether he or she
knows anything about mining and wants to learn, or has been mining all his or her life and wishes to pass on his
knowledge.  We do not care who you are or what you do (as long as it's legal), as long as you care about
prospecting and mining.           
Applicants for the First Class Miners (FCM) must be 18 years of age.  There is only one voting member per family,
if you opt for the family membership.  There are four statuses of membership within the FCM, see the
By-Laws for full definitions:

1. Member in Good Standing:  2. Probationary member: 3. Honorary member:  4. Lifetime member.

 General Membership Information     

The annual membership dues are currently $50.00 and are required by July 1st; our fiscal year starts on July 1st.  
There is a two-month grace period for payment, which ends September 1st.
The President will review all applications received.  The FCM is an organization dedicated to the advancement of
education in prospecting and mining for placer gold and the rules and regulations governing such activities within the
state of California. Members are called upon from time to time to help promote mining by education,
demonstrations, etc.  
Once an applicant’s application has been accepted, he/she will be informed when and where the next meeting will
take place and they are required to attend the General Membership meeting to be accepted into the organization.  
Applicants will be accepted into the FCM by a simple majority vote of the general membership in attendance.   New
members will sign FCM
By-laws and will pay the full membership dues at this time.
Probationary members advancing to Members in Good Standing will be based purely on their ability to adhere to
By-laws during their probationary period.  Advancement is automatic unless averted by the Board of Directors.  
A Member in Good Standing, to the maximum extent possible, attends the majority of the 6 meetings per year,
attends events, and attends demonstrations. We realize that not everyone can attend everything, we just ask for
your support when called upon to help the corporation’s mission as defined in the
By-laws.  All members are
required to sign and adhere to the FCM
By-laws.  Learn and understand these By-laws as infractions could be
cause for membership removal.