The First Class Miners have six claims located in and around the Morongo Basin and two more,
Grizzlay 4 and Stoddard Ridge, in the Ord Mountain area.
in the lower Mojave Desert.

Humbug Mountain
Located east of Twentynine Palms, Ca, in the Dale mining area, this is the oldest of the three claims.  With topography ranging from dry wide washes to steep
desert mountains, it is well suited for dry washing, nugget shooting or just relaxing, and enjoying the desert wonders.
Any thing you find is yours to keep.

A four wheel drive vehicle is advisable.  

Middle Camp/Middle Camp West
More remote than Humbug Mountain but never the less rich in prospecting possibilities.   Here again a club member can dry wash and nugget shoot in any
area that is not being currently worked.  Nuggets, pickers and flakes have been found.

A four wheel drive vehicle is required.

NOTE: Please be aware you must pass through Joshua Tree National Park to gain access to the Middle Camp claim.  Entry fee is
$15.00* and by law NO metal detecting may be done on Park property and in an agreement between FCM and the Park all metal
detectors must have their batteries removed while en route to the claim or they may be subject to confiscation by Park authorities
* persons with a Golden Passport are exempted.

Rattlesnake Canyon
At approximately 5600 feet elevation, Rattlesnake Canyon  is a summer time retreat.  Although the smallest of the claims, it has a mountain atmosphere and
lovely vistas and respite from the heat.

Due to high fire hazard, no open fires are permitted.  Please check with the California Department of Forestry located at 7105 Airway Dr, Yucca Valley, Ca  
(760) 356-4411 to find out if fire permits are required for camp stoves and BBQs.

A four wheel drive vehicle is advisable.

Please respect the property of the folks that live up there.

Lucky Nugget Placers
It is a bit further out in the Dale Mining area than our Humbug claim but well worth the extra effort to reach.  Within in its 20 acres, a prospector can choose
from dry washing a gully that has produced a 2.5 oz nugget to metal detecting ridge lines that have great potential.

For campers, many flat areas exist that are just waiting for a tent or pop up trailer.

The only restriction on reaching the claim is that a 4 wheel drive vehicle is required and some of the washes that must be traversed are a little steep.  Before
taking a trailer out, it is advisable to make a trial run.

Red Cabin
The newest First Class Miner claim ( called the RED CABIN Claim) has been established in Rattlesnake Canyon.  All corner posts are up, as is the Discovery
(see picture); the Disc post is at the campsite.

This 140 acre claim butts up to the southern boundary of our other claim in Rattlesnake Canyon (Rattlesnake Placers). As with the original claim, this one is
adjacent to the Wilderness and extends south to the boundary of the privately held, fenced off land. We claimed this area to ensure our access to the
campsite and all areas nearest the Wilderness boundary. We  do not want any more attempts by the Forest Service to encroach on our land as they did this
summer with our original claim in this area.

Stoddard Ridge and Grizzley 4
Two New claims near the Ord Mountain camp ground that  is used by the Club.  Coordinates for both claims are posted in the Member's Only section.  When
more information becomes available it will be published.
Red Cabin
Middle Camp West
Grizzley 4
Stoddard Ridge